Accepted Papers

Congratulations to all authors and thank you to all reviewers!

Paper ID #6
Disyllabic tone sandhi and neutral tone patterns in Yichang dialect
Yan Li and Zhiyi Wu

Paper ID #8
Rating Predictor: Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews in Arabic
Abdulmalik AlSalman, Fouzi Harrag and Alaa Alqahtani

Paper ID #9
Chinese Dialogue Analysis Using Multi-Task Learning Framework
Xuejing Zhang, Xueqiang Lv and Qiang Zhou

Paper ID #11
Syntactic-Semantic Knowledge Representation Framework for Korean Verbs and Its Working Mechanisms
Yude Bi and Jianguo Xiong

Paper ID #12
Shared Representation Learning with Self-Attention for Crossdomain Chinese Hedge Cue Recognition
Huiwei Zhou, Shixian Ning, Zhe Liu and Zhuang Liu

Paper ID #14
Learning Indonesian Frequently Used Vocabulary from Largescale News
Nankai Lin, Sihui Fu, CHEN CHEN, lixian Xiao, Gangqin Zhu and Shengyi JIANG

Paper ID #15
Sentence Similarity Computation by Integrating Shallow and Deep information
pengyuan liu, Qi Su and Zhijun Zheng

Paper ID #16
Automatic Discrimination System for Chinese Velar Aspirated and Unaspirated Sounds Pronounced by Japanese Student
Akemi Hoshino

Paper ID #17
IndoSum: A New Benchmark Dataset for Indonesian Text Summarization
Kemal Kurniawan and Samuel Louvan

Paper ID #18
Rude-Words Detection for Indonesian Speech Using Support Vector Machine
Sashi Novitasari, Dessi Puji Lestari and Sakriani Sakti

Paper ID #19
Research on Automatic Recognition of Tune Names of Song Cipoetry
Bihua Wang, Jianyu Zheng, Yueming Du and Lijiao Yang

Paper ID #20
Language Resource Extension for Indonesian-Chinese Machine Translation
Wuying Liu, Lixian Xiao, Shengyi Jiang and Lin Wang

Paper ID #23
Attentive Siamese LSTM Network for Semantic Textual Similarity Measure
wei bao, Wugedele Bao, Jinhua Du, Yuanyuan Yang and Xiaobing Zhao

Paper ID #24
Improving Neural Machine Translation with Neural Sentence Rewriting
Tian Wu, Zhongjun He, EnHong Chen and Haifeng Wang

Paper ID #25
A hybrid Algorithm for Text classification Based on CNN-BLSTM with Attention
Lei Fu, ZhaoXia Yin, Xin Wang and Yi Liu

Paper ID #26
The Semantic Annotation and Similarity Analysis of the Quran Based on Hierarchical Network of Concepts Theory
Zhiying LIU

Paper ID #28
Active Learning For Neural Machine Translation
Pei Zhang, Deyi Xiong and Xueying Xu

Paper ID #29
Two Effective Approaches to Data Reduction for Neural Machine Translation : Static and Dynamic Sentence Selection
Xueying Xu, Deyi Xiong and Shaohui Kuang

Paper ID #30
Enhancing the quality of Phrase-table in Statistical Machine Translation for Less-Common and Low-Resource Languages
minh thuan nguyen

Paper ID #31
Toward a Standardized and More Accurate Indonesian Part-of-Speech Tagging
Kemal Kurniawan and Alham Fikri Aji

Paper ID #32
Classifying Temporal Relations between Events by Deep BiLSTM
Yijie Zhang, Peifeng Li and Guodong Zhou

Paper ID #33
Author-Topic Modelling for Reviewer Assignment of Scientific Papers in Bahasa Indonesia
Renny Pradina Kusumawardani and Siti Oryza Khairunnisa

Paper ID #35
Review Rating with both Positive and Negative Sentiment Intensity Measurements
Lu Zhang, Shoushan Li and Guodong Zhou

Paper ID #36
Improving Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation with POS Information and Preprocessing Techniques
Yashothara Shanmugarasa and Uthayasanker Thayasivam

Paper ID #3637
Linguistic Divergence Patterns of Sinhala and Tamil Languages in Machine Translation
Yashothara Shanmugarasa, Uthayasanker Thayasivam and nimasha dilshani

Paper ID #39
Statistical Analysis of Syllable Duration of Uyghur Language
Guzalnur Dilmurat, Mijit Ablimit, Gulnur Arkin and Askar Hamdulla

Paper ID #40
Research on Answer Selection based on LSTM
Yangsen Zhang and Yuanyuan Peng

Paper ID #42
An Overview of Named Entity Recognition
Peng Sun, Xuezhen Yang and Zhijuan Wang

Paper ID #43
Simple Vector Representations of Ecommerce Products
Abe Vallerian Siswanto, Lilian Tjong and Yordan Saputra

Paper ID #44
A DNN-based framework for converting sign language to Mandarin-Tibetan cross-lingual emotional speech
Nan Song, Hongwu Yang and Tingting Zhang

Paper ID #45
Research on Dungan speech synthesis based on DNN
Lijia Chen, Hongwu Yang and Hui Wang

Paper ID #48
Exploring Lexical Differences between Indonesian and Malay
Nankai Lin, Sihui Fu, Gangqin Zhu, Yanni Hou and Shengyi JIANG

Paper ID #49
Investigating Manifold Learning Technique for Robust Speech Recognition
Bi-Cheng Yan, Chin-Hong Shih, Shih-Hung Liu and Berlin Chen

Paper ID #50
A Study on Pronunciation Similarity of Diphthongs in Chinese Mandarin Based on MFCC Parameters
Gulnur Arkin, Yultuz Rapkat, Mijit Ablimit and Askar Hamdulla

Paper ID #51
Tibetan Word Segmentation Method Based on BiLSTM_CRF Model
lili wang and hongwu yang

Paper ID #52
Relevance-Based Automated Essay Scoring via Hierarchical Recurrent Model
minping chen and Xia Li

Paper ID #53
Low Resource Languages for Text-to-Speech Synthesis System: A Survey
Sangramsing Kayte and Hemant Patil

Paper ID #54
Research on transfer learning for Khalkha Mongolian speech recognition based on TDNN
Linyan Shi, Feilong Bao, Yonghe Wang and Guanglai Gao

Paper ID #56
Hybrid HMM-BLSTMBased Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition on Quran Recitation
Faza Thirafi and Dessi Puji Lestari

Paper ID #57
Extractive Summarization of Documents by Combining Semantic Content and Nonstructured Features
Shan Yang, Yating Yang, Chenggang Mi and Yirong Pan

Paper ID #58
Investigating for Punctuation Prediction in Chinese Speech Transcriptions
Xin Liu, Yi Liu and Xiao Song

Paper ID #59
Development of Deep Neural Network and Hidden Markov Modelbased on Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Low Resource Marathi Language
Monica Mundada, Suryakanth Gangashetty and Sangramsing kayte

Paper ID #62
Speech to Text in Patient Complaints Anamnesis for Bahasa Indonesia
Ahmad Fathan Hidayatullah

Paper ID #63
Comparative Study on Language Rule Based Methods for Aspect Extraction in Sentiment Analysis
Fariska Ruskanda, Dwi H. Widyantoro and Ayu Purwarianti

Paper ID #64
The Law of Semantic Change of Opposite Compounds
英菂 姜 and Yonglian Yu

Paper ID #65
Domain Specific Intent classification of Sinhala Speech Data
Ranula Liyadipita, Hasini Witharana, sudeepa nadeeshan and Darshana Buddhika

Paper ID #66
A Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture for Sentence Unit Detection
Duy-Cat Can, Thi-Nga Ho and Eng-Siong Chng

Paper ID #68
Building The Indonesian NE Dataset Using Wikipedia and DBpedia with Entities Expansion Method on DBpedia
haji dito and Moch Arif Bijaksana

Paper ID #69
Word Segmentation for Javanese Character using Dictionary, SVM, and CRF
Dipta Tanaya and Mirna Adriani

Paper ID #70
Colloquial Indonesian Lexicon
Nikmatun Aliyah Salsabila, Yosef Ardhito Winatmoko and Ali Akbar Septiandri

Paper ID #71
Warning and Suggestion System on Syntax Tree Maker Application
mukhtar haris, Arif Bijaksana and Totok Suhardijanto

Paper ID #72
A Comparative Analysis of Acoustic Characteristics between Kazak & Uyghur Mandarin Learners and Standard Mandarin Speakers
Gulnur Arkin, Gvljan Alijan, Mijit Ablimit and Askar Hamdulla

Paper ID #73
Combining neural machine translation and text generation
Nguyen Trong Ngoc

Paper ID #74
A Javanese Syllabifier based on its Orthopraphic System
Lucia D. Krisnawati and Aditya W. Mahastama

Paper ID #75
Hypernym Hyponym Relation Extraction from Indonesian Wikipedia Text
Made Nindyatama Nityasya, Rahmad Mahendra and Mirna Adriani

Paper ID #76
Building MEDISCO: Indonesian Speech Corpus for Medical Domain
Muhammad Reza Qorib and Mirna Adriani

Paper ID #77
Aspect Detection and Sentiment Classification using Deep Neural Network for Indonesian Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
Arfinda Ilmania, Abdurrahman -, Samuel Cahyawijaya and Ayu Purwarianti

Paper ID #79
Creation of a Sentiment Tagged Parallel Corpus and Testing its Effect on Machine Translation
Sainik Kumar Mahata, Amrita Chandra, Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Paper ID #81
Emotion Classification on Indonesian Twitter Dataset
Mei Silviana Saputri, Rahmad Mahendra and Mirna Adriani

Paper ID #83
Stance Classification towards Political Figures on Indonesian Blog Writing
Rini Jannati, Rahmad Mahendra, Cakra Wisnu Wardhana and Mirna Adriani

Paper ID #84
An Investigation of Word Embeddings with Deep Bidirectional LSTM for Sentence Unit Detection in Automatic Speech Transcription
Thi-Nga Ho, Duy-Cat Can and Eng Siong Chng

Paper ID #85
Utilizing Indonesian Allophones and Intraword Short Pauses Handling to Improve Performance of Indonesian Text-To-Speech
Mohammad Uliniansyah, Elvira Nurfadhilah, Harnum Annisa, Made Gunawan, Lyla Aini, Agung Santosa, Asril Jarin, Fara Ayuningtyas, Hammam Yusuf and Gunarso Gunarso

Paper ID #86
Neural Machine Translation for Cebuano to Tagalog with Subword Unit Translation
Kristine Mae Adlaon and Nelson Marcos

Paper ID #87
A Study of the Color Category and Collocation Evolution of Classical Poetry
Yonglian Yu and Yingdi Jiang

Paper ID #88
Topical-Relevance Detection Using Attention-Based Neural Network
Xia Li, zhanyuan yang, minping chen and Wenhe Feng

Paper ID #89
Zero-Shot Question Classification Using Synthetic Samples
Hao Fu, Caixia Yuan, Xiaojie Wang, Zhijie Sang, Shuo Hu and Yuanyuan Shi

Paper ID #90
Learning How to Self-Learn: Enhancing Self-Training Using Neural Reinforcement Learning
Chenhua Chen and Yue Zhang

Paper ID #91
Transliteration of English Loanwords and Named-entities to Manipuri: Phoneme vs Grapheme representation
Lenin Laitonjam, Loitongbam Gyanendro Singh and Sanasam Ranbir Singh

Paper ID #93
Use of Word and Character N-Grams for Low-Resourced Local Languages
Ralph Vincent Regalado, Abien Fred Agarap, Renz Iver Baliber, Arian Yambao and Charibeth Cheng

Paper ID #95
Relation Detection for Indonesian Language using Deep Neural Network – Support Vector Machine
Ramos Janoah and Ayu Purwarianti

Paper ID #96
Investigating Bi-LSTM and CRF with POS Tag Embedding for Indonesian Named Entity Tagger
Ayu Purwarianti and Devin Hoesen

Paper ID #97
Word Level Language Identification in Assamese-Bengali-Hindi-English Code-Mixed Social Media Text
Neelakshi Sarma, Ranbir Sanasam and Diganta Goswami

Paper ID #98
Indonesia Hate Speech Detection using Deep Learning
Taufic Sutejo and Dessi Puji Lestari

Paper ID #99
VietSentiLex: a sentiment dictionary by considering the polarity of ambiguous sentiment words
Huynh Quoc Viet Vo and Kazuhide Yamamoto

Paper ID #101
An Analysis of Japanese Named Entity Recognizer Specialized for Person and Organization Entities
Takashi Inui and Yuki Nakano

Paper ID #102
Burmese Word Segmentation Method and Implementation Based on CRF
Chang’e Ma and Jian Yang

Paper ID #103
Indonesian Text Analysis and Processing for Speech Synthesis
Xuan Kong and Jian Yang

Paper ID #105
A Study of Codeswitching in Chinese Web Novels
Qi Su

Paper ID #106
Where Is the Head Positioned in Indonesian Language?: A Corpus Study of Head Directionality from a Dependency Perspective
Lalitia Apsari and Totok Suhardijanto

Paper ID #107
Production of Cantonese Tones using Ingressive Airflow
Manwa Ng, Mingyue Xiong and Nan Yan

Paper ID #108
Tibetan Multi-Dialect Speech Recognition Using End-To-End Model
Yue Zhao, Huanhuan Pei, Xuefei Yi, Jianjian Yue, Xiaona Xu and Qiang Ji

Paper ID #109
Multi-Label Topic Classification of Hadith of Bukhari (Indonesian Language translation) using Information Gain and Backpropagation Neural Network
Muhammad Yuslan Abu Bakar, Adiwijaya and Said Al Faraby

Paper ID #111
Building Candidate Monolingual Parallel Corpus from Scientific Papers
ridwan ilyas, dwi widyantoro and Masayu Khodra